What are title loans for a person with a contract for a work?

article 67876 f img Currently, many Poles work on the basis of a contract for a specific work. It is a civil law contract, which is also often called junk because it does not guarantee the employee the same rights as in the case of a contract of employment. What title loan can persons working on a contract for the work count on?

Students, artists, trainers, freelancers, for example, graphic designers, translators, copywriters, programmers – these are just some professions in which the contract for the work is the basis for settlements.

Work based on such a contract has its advantages and disadvantages. It does not require costly contributions to be paid for an employee in addition to tax but, on the other hand, it does not give equal employee rights. What’s more, this type of contract is not a permanent contract. As a result, the income of people working under a contract for a specific work is irregular.

Why is it harder for a title loan with a contract for a work?

Basically, getting a title loan when we work on a contract for a specific work is not as easy as it might seem, even if we have high earnings. The main problem is the already mentioned irregularity – the contract is essentially for the performance of the work, and not for regular employment, as is the case with contracts of employment. Then the lending institution can not precisely determine the customer’s creditworthiness.

This does not mean, however, that people earning in this way are not able to receive any title loan or installment title loan . The most important is then to accurately document your revenues by presenting contracts from a designated period, for example a year back. In some institutions, for example title loan companies, we do not always have to provide such documents.

Where can we get a title loan with a contract for a work?

We can go for a title loan to both the bank and we can also apply for it either on-line or on-line in non-bank companies. We have at our disposal quick payday title loans, cash title loans, installment title loans or special purpose title loans , for example car title loans .

Currently, the majority of institutions go out opposite their clients, which is why it allows you to get a title loan even if we work on a contract for a work. This is a great convenience because you never know when we will need additional financial support.

It is worth pointing out, however, that the decision depends mainly on the assessment of creditworthiness, which consists of many elements. It is not only the revenues and the method of obtaining them, but also the burden and the history of lending. For example, if in the past we had problems with repayment of debts that were recorded in BIK or other debtors’ offices, we may have difficulty getting the money.

What to remember when borrowing?

You should also know what title loan for the person with the contract for the work will be the best. Above all, we should only ask for as much money as we need. An over-sized title loan may cause us to have difficulties in repaying it.

With irregular revenues, we should also remember about savings – spending high sums with active debt is not a very good solution and it is better to save them for repayment of installments.


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