Start up business loans for bad credit -How can I get a small business loan


One of the dilemmas of people who want to start their own business is to finance its start. Of course, there are companies in which the initial costs are small, but usually, their own business also requires proper financing. Often, expenses go to thousands of zlotys. Naturally, it is best to have savings that allow you to set up your own business. However, if we do not have an adequate amount, a loan may be the solution.

Obtaining a loan to start a business is not as difficult as it was years ago. More banks and non-banking companies meet the needs of entrepreneurs and have such products in their offers. Therefore, we can then get the money to start and spend it for any purpose, for example, to buy work equipment, store a store or set up your website.

Search for business cash advance lenders? It is here 

If you are interested in a quick and convenient company loan for activities without history, we have prepared a special offer for our clients at Dillard. This is an installment loan, which is granted in the amount of 1,000 to 10,000 PLN and for up to 24 months. We do not require the provision of documents – registration, accounting, and banking, and we do not require security and guarantees. To obtain a loan, you need only an ID card, a positive credit score, and a correctly completed application.

Our loan for companies is a great choice to start – thanks to it you can finance the needs of your company, but also you can use it when you are already doing business and want to get additional funds for the business. You can submit an application for a business cash advance with us online now – we invite you to choose!

On what basis will we get a loan for an activity without history?

As a new company cannot prove its history because it has just started its operations, it does not have to provide accounting or banking documents confirming its creditworthiness. Of course, this does not mean that the lender does not check his client. Debtors’ databases are most often controlled, including BIG and BIK, which allow determining whether a given customer is trustworthy. We must also provide company data in the application.

Generally, it will be easier for us to get a loan to start in a non-banking loan company because these companies provide loans on more favorable terms than banks. While the bank may require a business plan or security from the borrower, such loan requirements are not applied in loan companies. Usually, we only need a valid ID card and no debts recorded in debtors’ databases, including BIG. Therefore, even companies that have just started their business activity can apply for a loan.



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