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Often, getting fast loans for bad payers can be a bit difficult, but not impossible, because today the market takes these situations into consideration. There are also interesting offers for those who have been bad payers or even protested previously. Often and willingly find a loan for bad payers forces you to have to settle for very bad contractual conditions.

What are they and how are they obtained?

Loans with protestations are loans that are granted to people who have been protested, therefore a public deed stating that Tizio did not pay a check or bill.

If you suffer a protest, you are registered in the databases and creditors will always know, before granting you a loan, that you are a person who has not honored his debts. In addition to this there are also civil consequences such as the charging of default interest, the risk of foreclosure etc.

A protestor can hardly get a personal loan. A loan that can be granted to bad payers and protesters, however, is the transfer of the fifth. This is an attractive loan to satisfy even the needs of a bad payer who urgently needs a sum of money.

Loans with salary assignment

Loans with salary assignment

The salary or pension salary assignment consists of a type of loan that allows the repayment of monthly installments with deduction on payroll or pension carried out not by the debtor, but directly by the employer. The employer then withholds the sum destined for the bank or finance company each month. This means that the bank is in safe hands: it knows that the debtor will not be in default or forget to pay because the sum is withheld at source, directly from the employer. For this reason, the assignment of the fifth is a loan that is often and willingly disbursed even by bad payers and protested, provided they have, of course, a pay slip or provided they have a pension.

The portion of the pay slip that can be transferred with the salary assignment is not more than 20% on the net pay packet. On a monthly basis, the employer retains the installment when he pays the pension and turns it over to the bank or finance company that provided the loan. The fifth assignment consists of a loan that is granted in a few days, if no further checks are to be made, and therefore it is a quick loan for bad payers to which more and more people refer.

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